8 Paper Crafts Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a fun, no-fuss holiday that’s full of bright colors, delicious food, dancing and of course, margaritas. Check out these creative projects for party decor; call up your friends, and have them over for chips, guac, cocktails and a great time. Let’s have a fiesta!

Frida Kahlo Inspired Cinco de Mayo Paper Flower Crown

Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican artist known for her self-portraits. She often wore a crown of flowers in her paintings. Today the flower crown is an iconic symbol of the artist and representative of her feminist values. Frida appreciated the Mexican people, the culture she was born into and was politically outspoken during her life. She died at the age of 47 but managed to paint over 150 paintings in that short period.

Make a beautiful crown of paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo to celebrate Frida Kahlo and the Mexican culture that was so important to her. All you need are paper flower templates, scissors, paint, and glue to make a lovely floral headpiece.

Multi Colored Paper Fan Garland

If you ever visit Mexico, you will notice how bright the homes and clothing are. Vibrant colors are everywhere! Make a banner for your Cinco de Mayo party from colorful tissue paper fans. The banner will bring a festive vibe reminiscent of Mexico to your party decor.

Festive Donkey Pinata

Every fiesta needs a pinata for party fun. Make this adorable donkey pinata from colorful tissue paper and cardboard. Fill it with candy and let your party goers take turns having a blast trying to break open the pinata. Guaranteed party fun for all!

Paper Plate Mexican Mask Kids Craft

Teachers and homeschool parents are often looking for easy crafts to incorporate with their lessons. This Mexican mask is a perfect craft suitable for small children. Have them construct the masks from paper plates while discussing the history of the Cinco de Mayo holiday. It is so much easier to learn when incorporating a fun activity into the learning process.

Succulent Mexican Style Floral Centerpiece

This floral craft has got to be the easiest way to make a Mexican themed floral centerpiece for your party table. Just open cans of traditional Mexican foods such as native crops like tomatoes, beans and peppers, then remove the food to use for your recipes. Wash the cans and fill with potting soil. Place a succulent in a soil filled can. Arrange a group of the potted plants on your table, and you have instant Mexican style decor. So quick, lovely and easy!

Colorful and Bright Cardboard Bird Decoration

Kids will love this craft! Make some paper birds from cardboard, paint them vibrant colors and hang them on the wall as Cinco de Mayo party decorations. They are so cute and cost very little to make.

Free Printable Fiesta Party Banner

Nothing says party time more than decorative banners. I Heart Naptime offers a bright, free printable party banner that features the word fiesta. Perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party. Hang it on your wall to set the mood for your event. Easy and quite lovely!

Mexican Hat Cinco de Mayo Craft or Centerpiece

A sombrero is a hat that Mexican men have been wearing since the 15th century. The name sombrero is derived from the Spanish word sombra, meaning “shade.” Add some sombrero decorations to your table for your fiesta! This decoration is one that the kiddos will want to help you with. It is so easy. Just glue a paper cup to a plate and decorate with pipe cleaners and small pom poms. Instant Mexican table top decor that is so darling!