9 DIY Water Games for Summer Fun

Cool off in the pool or in your own backyard with these super fun water games that you can DIY. we’ve rounded up our favourite water activities and crafts that your kids, neighbours and friends will really enjoy. There is something fit for every age, and all of these games can be put together in minutes yet provide hours of summer fun.

How to Make an Underwater Viewer

Headed to the lake this summer? Try making one of these DIY underwater viewers. Super easy and so much fun!

Water Balloon Baseball

Get your batting practice in with water balloon baseball! Fill up a bunch of water balloons and get started.

Cut up sponges and tie them together to make silly water sponge toys, or “water .” Throw them around in the backyard for some summer fun! They’re even soft enough so that if someone gets hit, it doesn’t hurt–unlike water balloons. This game is best for older children.

3 Fresh Play Ideas for the Water Table

Fill a shallow bin with water and lots of different toys to keep your toddler engaged and having fun.Water play is a toddler mood-changer in our house. Whether it’s playing in the sink, splashing in the bath, or exploring the water table outside, water play often gets rid of any late-afternoon grumpies. We have a bucket of water play toys outside – stacking cups, measuring cups, sponges, a turkey baster, and some funnels.

The Water Blob Tutorial

Surprise your kids with this AWESOME water blob! Get ready for hours of fun with this water activity.A water blob is a large piece of plastic sheeting (a clear thin tarp) filled with water. When it’s done, it makes a cool, dry play surface. It’s the perfect activity for hot summer days for all ages, especially the toddler years since it is safe.

Water Balloon Basketball

Your little ones are going to love this water balloon basketball game. It’s easy and will help them beat the summer heat.

Floating Sponge Boats

Use supplies you probably already have in your home to make this toddler-approved water craft. Float these sponge boats in a bucket, pool, lake or ocean.

Toddler Fishing

Set up a little pond in your backyard. Your toddlers can practice their fishing skills with this fun activity. This will keep them entertained for a good while!

Sponge Toss Water Activity

We think this sponge toss game looks like so much fun! All you need is a large sponge, a couple of buckets and of course–water.All winter our daughter wanted to fill her kiddie pool with water and go swimming. She even put her swimming suit on a couple of times in hopes of convincing us. We held her off until it reached the high 70s. While she finds the kiddie pool fun still, the boys are not too impressed.

Squirt  Races

Get those squirt out for some exciting water races! This game would be great for a summer BBQ party.Beat the heat and avoid summer boredom with a few games of Squirt Races. With a few simple items you probably already have around the house. A squirt obstacle race course can be created that will keep your kids and their friends entertained for hours. Watching your kids play through the course will keep you entertained as well!