Basic Photography Tips for Beginners

If you’re just beginning your photography journey, there are some beginner photography tips not a lot of people mention (like, did you know there’s a wrong way to carry your camera?).

Or, conversely, when you’re so far removed from the beginning of your photography career, sometimes you forget the basics.

So here are some basic photography tips that apply to everyone.

Learn How to Hold Your Camera Correctly

Like with most things in life, photography is all about form. For one thing, the way you hold your camera directly controls how well your pictures come out because camera shake can ruin even the greatest photo.

For another, your camera is heavy and if you’re holding it incorrectly you can actually injure yourself. For example, if you’ve ever shot for 14 hours straight you know how much your wrists ache afterwards.

Brent Mail has a great tutorial on learning how to hold your camera correctly.

Essentially, have a good grip on the camera’s grip with your right hand, cradle the body of the camera in your left hand, and tuck those elbows in so your chest supports your arms. That’s it!

Focus on Your Perspective

Photos that are shot from the same level all the time get pretty boring pretty quickly.

One of my favorite easy photography tips is to switch up your perspective as often as possible.

If you’d like to challenge yourself, this could mean practicing aerial photography for the first time by convincing a friend to take you out in an airplane, or more practically, you can simply change your vantage point by going hiking, getting low to the ground, or investing in a drone.

In fact, sometimes just moving a few feet to the right or the left can have a huge impact on the way you photos look.

Whenever you experience something you’ve never done before, you boost your creativity, and that’s one of the best things basic photography tips do for you.

Challenge yourself. Find new perspectives. Seek out different ways of photographing the same thing.

Shoot as Often as Possible

Take photos of your friends. Take photos of your family. Take photos of strangers.

A great way to shoot as often as you can is to join a photography challenge, like taking a photo of something red every single day or trying to capture an emotion on film. If you need help staying accountable, join a photography group in your hometown.