Top 5 Cupcakes To Make With Kids

Teach your kids how to bake with our fun and colourful cupcake ideas. From decorating ice cream cone cakes to lunar cycle designs, they’ll love being creative.

Baking cupcakes is a classic rainy day activity; teaching kids how to follow a recipe, weigh out ingredients and learn basic techniques such as creaming, cracking eggs and sifting. Of course, it also results in something delicious and bite-sized to eat. The only question is: who gets to lick the spoon?

Ice cream cone cakes

These fairy cakes baked in little ice cream cones have real novelty and wow factor – perfect for kids’ summer birthday parties, or just because. Raise a smile decorating the cupcake cones with vanilla buttercream icing to mimic a swirl of Mr Whippy ice cream, complete with a chocolate Flake, sauce and sprinkles. Which toppings will your kids choose?

Unicorn cupcakes

The sponge mixture for these pretty cupcakes is really straightforward. Just get the kids to pop all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. The unicorn icing looks brilliant and is equally easy. You simply colour several bowls of icing, pop the whole lot together in one piping bag and, as the children pipe the icing, the different colours swirl together. Top with sprinkles and Smarties in their favourite shades.

Flowerpot chocolate chip muffins

Children love the presentation of these flowerpot double choc cupcakes and they taste delicious, too. Find little terracotta pots in your local garden centre and decorate with edible daisy wafers. Perfect for cake sales, Easter baking or a garden-themed kids’ birthday party.

Favourite biscuit cupcakes

These cute cupcakes use shop-bought miniature biscuits for decoration with different flavours of icing and crumbled biscuits in the dough. Children can choose to make mini gingerbread men cakes (with ginger and cinnamon icing), mini Oreo cakes (with chocolate frosting) or mini Jammie Dodger ones with vanilla buttercream. Can’t decide? Make all three.

Moon cycle cupcakes

A mix of black and blue fondant icing forms the dark, inky sky background for these brilliant chocolate cupcakes, depicting all the phases of the moon. Use glitter to add a stellar-like sheen and help the kids stamp out stars, rockets or comets from extra scraps of white fondant.